Good For You, Honey.

I only love food and my boyfriend. Okay?



If anyone was ever actually this clever…😍

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Crying all the way home whilst driving and I didn’t kill anyone. Good job, beck!

Does your body ever just hurt from being sad?

I need to toughen up. Breaking down like this is no longer acceptable. I need to be strong.

I just… This song…and this boy.
I’m so afraid of losing him. The thought of college scares me to my core. Not because I’ll have difficult classes, or that I think I won’t fit in, but because I’m so afraid of losing this boy. I’m so afraid of stress, time, and just life because they could take him away from me. So I’m just going to watch this for the next few hours and cry my eyes out and pray to god that in 5 years, I’ll still have Tim by my side. Okay, bye.

College is going to be tougher than I thought…